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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Waning: These Photos May Be Too Graphic!

The photos you are about to see are from Iraq.
I want to warn you that they may be too graphic for the more sensitive. They certainly are too graphic for the mainstream news media to show. If the photos weren’t sent to me, I would never have seen them because they aren't going to show photos like these on the evening news.

If you dare, scroll down and view these shocking photos, but be warned they aren’t for the weak of heart.

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This soldier seems to be "oppressing" the innocent citizens of Iraq

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Does this picture even need a caption?

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Letter from Home

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Circle of Prayer

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Kitty Patrol

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You can see the people resent our presence there...

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Handing out School Supplies

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When, oh when will the cruelty stop???

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I know that our presence in Iraq is pretty controversial, but let it be known that our troops aren’t murdering and otherwise oppressing the innocent citizens of Iraq. They are working to build schools, fix sewerage systems in towns that were destroyed by Saddam, training the Iraq army to be able to take up the job when they leave. No matter how you feel about why we are there, the fact iswe are there. It makes me proud that our troops are working to make life better for a people who have been oppressed for years.


Monday, July 04, 2005

Movie Review: War of the Worlds

Believe me, keep your money in your pocket and DON'T go see this flick!!!

This is the lamest bit of film and biggest waste of time I have seen in a long time. I was starting to hope one of the aliens would come off the screen and shoot me so I wouldn't have to watch the rest of the movie.

I kept checking my watch to see how much longer the movie would be. My friend that went with me was text messaging someone, and I was reading over his shoulder.

The movie starts with Tom Cruise getting off work, and meeting his ex-wife, her husband and his two kids. (Time for kid swap) Ex-wife has a very superior attitude and is criticizing everything about Tom Cruise's house and life. The son has a case of teenage-itis and hates his dad. He refuses to call him "dad" and calls him Ray instead. The daughter is a 10 year old whiner/screamer. And finally Tom Cruise is a selfish, self absorbed, dad who hasn’t spent enough time with his kids. I already don't like the family.

All hell breaks loose when storm clouds cover the city and lightning repeatedly strikes in the same place. At the site where the lightning hits, there is a rumbling and a huge three-legged machine comes up out of the ground, vaporizing people left and right. Tom rushes home and tries to get the kids safely to Boston where ex-wife and husband are visiting ex-wife's parents.

We slowly and painfully watch the whole world being destroyed and people being killed left and right…..except for Tom & kids. There’s no fighting these things, and they just keep trying to escape, and get to Boston. (What makes him think Boston is safe???)

If you ever heard the radio program or read the book you’ll know the aliens finally are conquered by microscopic germs they pick up here. (We have immunity to them) However the ending with the family is so stupid I’m not even describing it. Nuff said.

I'd suggest you use your money for something more enjoyable, like maybe a bikini wax.

Movie Review: Mr. & Mrs. Smith

As the movie opens we see Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie playing John and Jane smith speaking to a marriage counselor. They look like your typical affluent suburban couple who’ve grown apart through the years.

Then we see how they met: In a bar in Bogotá, Colombia, during a revolution. Some leader was assassinated and there was a search for tourists traveling alone. Both are traveling alone and immediately join forces to avoid suspicion. As it turns out both are assassins, employed by competing agencies. However, each believes the other is a normal, suburban spouse and their respective identities are well kept secrets.

Jane says to the counselor, “There’s this wide space between us that keeps filling up with things we don’t say.” She has no idea how true she is.

Some how they are both sent to the same hit, and discover each other’s true identity. They each are given 48 hours to kill the other.

There’s obviously a lot of violence and gun play, which no doubt gives the movie a PG13 rating.
However, the story is told in a humorous way, and both Brad and Angelina play their rolls very well. (I must add, they both give plenty of eye candy for both sexes in the audience.) And the supporting cast does its share in putting together a very enjoyable movie. I'd say the movie is a cross between an action flick and a romantic comedy. If you aren't turned off by the violence you'll find this a fun movie. I had fun anyway.