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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Who's Your Favoite Team?

This past week it was announced where I work that we would start having "Football Fridays" where we’d wear a T-shirt representing our favorite team. Now like any Mississippian, I enjoy a good football game but I suddenly realized that I wasn’t a total fan of any one team. I choose between the two that are playing as to whom I root for.

Now let me say here for the benifit of the readers who aren’t living in the Deep South: Here football, especially college football, is almost a religion. People take it seriously. If I were to stand up and admit that I don’t give a hang about LSU at least four people who never went to school in Louisiana, much less their state university, will start foaming at the mouth and start yacking endlessly about stuff that doesn’t interest me. I read somewhere that only in the South will you find people who will fight to the death over a college they never attended and I think it’s nearly true. We’ll attend one school because it may be closer, less expensive or have the best school of whateverology but will loyally support the football team of another school entirely. It’s sort of like separation of church and state....only separation of education and football. Kinda...

Well I’ve been trying to figure out what team I should support. I live within 60 miles of New Orleans but I haven’t been a fan of the Saints since Morton Anderson and Bobby Hebert left.....most of my family is in or from Texas so I tend to have loyalties to the Cowboys (I like the color of Cowboy Blue anyway) And every Thanksgiving I root for the Longhorns against the Aggies. So I’ve been casually shopping around for a Longhorn T-shirt, or possibly Cowboys. I mean only a Steeler fan wouldn’t love the Cowboys!

In the meantime I remembered I had a USM (University of Southern Mississippi) shirt somewhere and was looking for it to wear till I decided exactly who I wanted to represent. In the process I found a shirt I completely forgot I had:


It says "Confused State: Where nothing makes sense and the keys of knowlege have been lost forever" The "school motto" is "What was the question?" I bought it way back sometime in the 80’s because I thought it was funny and I had more money back then to buy silly stuff like that. It had crossed my mind to wear that on Fridays but decided against it as mine is the first face one sees when walking into the office. (doesn’t give a good impression) Well last Friday I just dug around in a box of junk from high school and located a "ventage" Blue Devils pin and wore that on my scrubs. That’ll do till better comes along and I actually went to that school...and attended all the football games (when I was a student anyway)


Now I’m sure some smarty pants will say I should put the Blue Devil’s pin on the Confused State shirt and I’d be good to go but I refuse to listen to that kinda talk. (Especially from somebody from a certain school that I shall not mention whose color is maroon....)

So anybody got any suggestions on a good shirt? Who is your favorite team? "Who ya gonna represent?"