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Friday, March 04, 2005

Observation: The Invention of the Weed-Eater

The Weed-Eater Was Obviously Invented & Designed By A Man
I came to this realization today while trimming the grass along side the road in front of my Dad's house. "Why? What makes you so sure?" You may ask. It's simply due to the procedure of getting the silly thing started:
STEP 1: Slowly press the priming button 6 times.
STEP 2: Put it on "full choke".
STEP 3: While fully holding down the throttle, pull cord 6 times.
STEP 4: Put it on "half choke".
STEP 5: Pull cord until it starts, but no more than 6 times. (Heaven help you if you lose count!)
Now I believe had a woman developed the weed-eater, it would only require the push of a button to start, not all that choking and pulling. However, in fairness to the guys, at least this weed-eater came with starting instructions. A weed-eater designed by a woman would require you to get to know it well enough to "just know" how to get it started.
But then if you really knew your weed-eater, you wouldn't need instructions.