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Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Bane to My Existence!

The Bane to My Existence!
(at least in spring/summer)

These innocent looking bushes grow wild all over South Mississippi and I'm sure other places as well. My mom calls them "Wild Agustrums" some of the old timers just call them "Wild Shrubs" but they are taking over!

Bane to my existence 6

And by the way...that weird explosive sound you hear is me sneezing.

These bushes look pretty enough when trimmed up (as they are often trimmed in people's yards and along the road sides and in the medians of city streets. (The photos I have of them were taken around in the woods behind my house and are NOT trimmed...and I'm wondering if Roundup will get rid of 'em!) But they emit a stong, sickenly sweet scent that, in the warm humid air of Southern Mississippi, is not unlike being shut up in a stuffy room with someone wearing way too much cologne.

Bane to my existence 5

Bane to my existence 4

Bane to my existence 3

It may not be too easy to see here as they blooms were out of my reach but they often grow along with honeysuckle and the scent is pretty similar to that vine. (I LOVED honeysuckle when I was a AHHHH CHEEW!!!)

Bane to my existence 2

I know some people who told me that they actually paid money for these bushes to put in their yards. Talk about a waste of money! I mean if you want them in your yard, just find a spot and stop mowing for a bit. They'll magically plant themselves there as these two did in my back yard! (now I get to dig 'em up...hoooray!)

Bane to my existence 1

Okay this is probably my rant of the week (unless something else buggs me) I realize there is so much more to complain about than this wreched bit of vegetation but I'm just gonna hobble off with my box of Kleenex. It may be time to invest in a Neti pot.....


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