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Monday, March 10, 2008

Interesting Observation

Anyone who knows me well knows I'm pretty much of an internet junkie. When hurricane Katrina did her thing back in 2005 and cut me and everyone else in South Mississippi off from all outside contact the internet was No. 2 on the list of things I really missed. No. 1 was lights and running water of course.

Well part of my online time is spent taking funny little quizzes and tests on several different sites around. I'm sure you've visited some of the sites as well. One of these sites that offers interesting little quizzes doubles as a dating site. I'm really not interested in finding a cyber sweetie but I do enjoy visiting the site. So when I filled out my profile and uploaded a profile pic I chose the photo of myself that's the farthest from sexy and and "come and get me" as I could find. Ironically I have received so many messages from guys who say they were browsing profiles and was transfixed when they saw my photo. Well folks, for you viewing pleasure I present my profile pic:

Groucho Webb

Who knew there were so many men who were attracted to women who wore bug bushy fake mustaches? Or perhaps they are hoping it's not fake? Now that's a head scratcher for ya. And to think of all the money women spend going to places like Glamor Shots to get a really sexy photo to get the attention they so desire when they just need to go to Dollar World and buy some Groucho glasses and take a quick snap shot.

It's kinda funny when you think about it. I'm sure the guys who message me are more amused by the pic than anything else and just want to say "hi there" before moving on. And they amuse me in return by their messages. Many of them are pretty humorous and one even said "Marry me Groucho!" And I do hope the ladies with the sexy poses find the love they're looking for.


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