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Friday, September 14, 2007

Love (BUGS) Are in the Air...

 (Note: This was posted a few years ago and when I was searching for it to show a friend Blogspot apparently thought I wanted to change it somehow and put it into the "drafts" box so I'd have to republish it.)

Love (bugs) is in the air…and on my car…

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…on me…

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Anyone who lives in the Gulf Coastal region knows about love bugs. And no, I’m not talking about Herby, the cute little VW with a mind of its own. I’m talking about these little black bugs that swarm up at least once (usually twice) a year and get all over and into everything.

I have no idea exactly what their purpose is, other than to destroy the paint jobs on people’s cars, or maybe to insure some of us clean out the usually neglected nooks and crannies on a regular basis. They fly around in mating pairs looking like conjoined twins, joined at the rump. They can cover a car in no time and the hot sun will bake the bug goo to a rock like substance that will permanently harm your paint job if allowed to stay on there.

Many theories are out there as to the best method for removing the bug goo: Some say that you shake up a Coke (that’s Coca Cola, not just any soft drink) and spray it all over your car. Supposedly the acid will remove the goo. Unfortunately the acid will also remove your paint if you’re not careful. Another idea is to cover your car with paste wax and not wipe it off. It seems the bugs get stuck on the wax and come off when you remove it. But I have my doubts as to how wise it is to drive around with paste wax all over your car. (It looks bad anyway) I’ve tried several methods, including products like “Bug Gone” and “But and Tar Remover” but I find the best way is to get a bucket of hot, soapy water and use plenty of elbow grease.

There are almost as many theories about where love bugs came from as theories on how to get them off your car. Some people maintain they were created by the University of Florida. You’d think a place that invented Gatorade would have enough sense to stay away from this sort of thing. But that’s just me. Others subscribe to the government conspiracy theory….They were developed by NASA for some unknown reason. Or the Army did it for some weird form of warfare. (Maybe they took the 60’s credo to heart and started trying to make love, not war) I’ve heard some old timers say, “We ain’t never had none of them thangs till they started shootin’ them rockets into space.” Which opens another question: Could they be aliens bent on taking over the earth?

One thing I know is when I got home this afternoon it seemed they were taking over my house.

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I often joke about my house decorating itself for Halloween but I had no idea it was so ensconced in cobwebs till today! Looks like I’m gonna need a WHOLE LOT of elbow grease this weekend!


  • At 6:11 PM, Blogger Samskid said…

    “Boy Howdy!” do I ever know your pain especially since I live right next door to you. Gosh I hate these things!
    You go outside and have to shake yourself off before you come back inside, can’t tell you how many times I’ve snuffed the life out of the little stinkers (and they do stink let me tell you) without knowing that they were clinging to the seat of my pants.


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