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Monday, September 17, 2007

WebbWoman's Artistic Archives

Here's some of my older artwork for everyone's approval...or disapproval, whichever may apply.

These are a few oils on canvas that I did back in 1986. I was mostly playing around with the paint and seeing what I could do but I don't think they were too bad for someone who didn't really know what she was doing.

This is my favorite of everything I've done. It's more of a happy mistake as it was supposed to be your classic sunset. I was going to put a tiny bit of Prussian Blue along the top and work my way down with purples, oranges, yellows...etc But I got distracted by the color of the blue. That shade is my favorite color and I was mesmerized by it. Before I knew it over half my canvas was covered with the blue paint. I opted for a night scene over the water. Sorry for the glare, my flash kept reflecting off the canvas.

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This one I was doing the sky mostly. Spent lots of time with the clouds and ended up painting over them for the most part. All three of these I'm just working from my imagination rather than life or photo so I was just building it as it went. I never felt this one was finished but I never could think what I should add. Now, over 20 years later I'm used to it. :)

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Here I was trying to work on depth. Making the road inviting so you'd want to walk down it to see what's beyond the horizon.

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Here's a couple of watercolors:

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1997. This was done from life. It's the dining room window of my Mom's house. I was watching the birds at her feeder and thought it would make a good painting. It had been a while since I had painted anything and was out of practice. As you can see from the bad perspective:
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Here's another watercolor, done sometime around 1977-1979. My highschool art teacher would often say that you needed a table or something to set objects down on...that they couldn't just float around in space. This planted a seed in my mind as to whether you could use light and shadows to give the impression of objects sitting on a surface without actually putting the surface in.

I played around with the idea and this is what I came up with. It's still my Mom's favorite. She'd say, "I like that 'un with the big red bowl" :)

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This was also done in the late 70's. It's done on cheap paper and that explains the wrinkles. I was playing around with a bottle of India ink that came with a calligraphy set. (I detest doing calligraphy)

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